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Natural Chicle Gum Base 

Healthier & Biodegradable Products

AB Natural Base SA CV

The only supplier of chicle gum base to manufacture the best natural chewing gums

Sugarfree, herbal, homemade, pharma, functional, compressed & bubblegum types

Natural chicle gum base types
Chicle Gum Base
Are produced specifically to meet the growing demand of world market to healthier products made with completely natural ingredients. 
Suitable for manufacturing all-natural chewing gums healthiest & eco-friendly's
Thus eliminate health risks of consumers
Giving amazing benefits and features to the finished product.
Getting products of excellent quality with the better delivery system for ingredients & actives
Considered in world confectionery market
The Top Chewing Gum Base
Features and Applications
Depending on your processing equipment and the required characteristics of final product
It has been developed a chicle gum base for each natural chewing gum types.
Chicle gum base blocks suitable to
Natural chewing gums
Sugar, sugarfree, herbal, bubblegums, functional and pharma.
Chicle gum base powder suitable to

Homemade natural chewing gums without machinery.

​Natural chew tablets direct compression process​.

AB Natural Base SA. 


  Phone 52 55 56652 1839

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